Bonita transforms employee engagement and energizes leadership for organizations facing massive re-invention and change at Bank of America, Levi Strauss, Genentech, Pacific Telesis, Varian, and the World Bank. She accelerates the change process using advanced technology, data science and behavioral storytelling that inspire people to embrace innovation. 

In this time of constant change, she’s in ideal leadership advisor: 

(1) HR Executive for 30 years who understands your corporate transformation

(2) Research Director for the World Success Survey @Wharton and Institute of Coaching @Harvard 

(3) NY Times Bestselling Leadership Author of Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value. 

(4)Business Leader of the Year 2019- Harvard Club

Global Organizational Change:

At Bank of America, she energized employees with a global transformation of 100,000 jobs using people analytics and inspiring examples of ordinary employees embracing extraordinary change.  Partnering with the founding entrepreneurs at Genentech, Bonita recruited the first 200 scientists to launch a new biotech industry. She knows how to launch and reinvent organizational transformations.

HR Behavioral Technology: At Levi Strauss, Bonita empowered employees as project manager on five continents with the launch of the world’s first corporate HR INTRANET. She coached the leadership team of a publishing firm to rethink how to boost accountability for goals, boosting profitability over 30%.

Bonita served as adjunct faculty at Harvard IOC, JFK University, and the Institute for Contemporary Leadership and Board of Governors of the Drucker/Hesselbein Leader to Leader Institute. She holds an MBA from U.C. Berkeley and is a doctoral fellow in Educational Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Bon has been awarded citations of Special Recognition by U.S. Congress and State of California for her STEM education programs.

 Address. 5205 Prospect Av #135-144, San Jose, CA 95129

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