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Bonita is conducting research on leadership development tools and techniques as a doctoral fellow at Penn GSE, the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, one of the world’s top three leading Ivy League schools renowned for expertise in people analytics, social science research, quantitative methods, practitioner inquiry, developmental psychology, and qualitative data analysis. She is also among the inaugural scholars partnering with LinkedIn and The World Bank on the Future of Work new research database project started in 2018.


She is expected to complete her dissertation and doctorate in Education in 2020.


Bonita has served as adjunct faculty leading the Advanced Coaching Workshop at the Institute of Coaching Summit @Harvard and John F. Kennedy University and Mt. Mary’s University, where she was also awarded an honorary doctorate during her presentation at the Annual Women’s Summit. 

Dr. Bon has been awarded citations of Special Recognition by U.S. Congress and State of California for her STEM education programs involving behavioral and narrative storytelling to arithmetic concepts to middle schoolers. The groundbreaking clinical research energized kids who were disengaged in math.

She holds an MBA in management and computer science from the Haas Graduate School of Business at U.C. Berkeley; a B.S. in Industrial Statistics/Psychology from San Jose State University and A.A. degree in Psychology.  She is certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

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